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Moretto's innovations at Chinaplas

新闻 02.05.2017
moisture meter box

Moisture Meter is an instrument designed to measure, in line, the residual moisture content of the plastic granule. Moisture Meter, installed directly on the processing machine, thanks to the patented "Power Peak" technology measures the actual moisture content of the plastic granules assuring a certified production. No calibration is required. It is only necessary to select the polymer to be treated and Moisture Meter provides to control the process with sampling every 2 seconds.

Moisture Meter Plus allows to control the dryer performance by comparing the humidity from the beginning to the end, automati-cally adjusting the dryer parameters to ensure optimal drying.

This concept creates a closed loop connecting material, dryer, process quality, and plastic processing machine, which represents the condition to move straight ahead towards Industry 4.0.


GRAMIXO is the newest continuous batch dosing system equipped with the extruder loss in weight feeding control. GRAMIXO is able to manage the extruder to ensure a constant weight per meter ratio and it is equipped with a powerful control with a super easy interface.

The machine has three opening sides, featuring three transparent panels that provide unique visibility to the dosing process. The internal parts of the machine are illuminated with multicolour LED lighting with four different colours to signal the machine operating status.

A quick hoppers emptying system avoids any downtime during production changeovers. The total emptying is also guaranteed by the removable mixing chamber without using any tool. The mixer is inclined ensuring a perfect mixture and avoiding any stagnations. All in all, an absolute accuracy thanks to the unique double eyelid system, the free weighing hopper and the immunity vibration system - as the producer stresses.

xcomb jan17 fig1

X-COMB is the Moretto's compact mini-dryer specifically engineered for medical application and technical polymer treatment, which increase the range of drying systems solutions, the company core business. This dryer features Moretto's patented OTX drying hopper technology, high performance turbo-compressors, and a Dew Point equalizer.

The dryer can be installed directly on the machine feed throat thanks to the strong construction. According to the producer, the high performance dryer combined with the innovative OTX hopper technology provides extraordinary energy efficiency. It features an intuitive touch screen control and allows for a simple, two-step parameters setting, material type and throughput, while all the other parameters are set automatically.

All the products come equipped with USB, Ethernet and RS485 Modbus communication ports and are compatible with the Moretto MOWIS supervising system.

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