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CHINAPLAS 2017 for efficient and sustainable construction

CHINAPLAS 2017 for efficient and sustainable construction

新闻 11.04.2017

Facing many environmental concerns such as global warming, energy and forest resources shortage, increasing pollution etc., building and construction industries must be sustainable. The question is how do they contribute to power conservation, pollutants reduction and environmental protection? Can they accomplish the needed business transformation?

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Nanjing KY Chemiacl Machinery Co., Ltd.: differential speed co-rotating non-twin screw extruder

Plastics are highly suitable for construction, not merely being alternatives for wood and steel, but also boasting superior processing and environmental qualities. These include power saving, environmental protection, improvement of living environment, architecture functionality, quality enhancement, weight reduction, and easy handling. CHINAPLAS 2017 will incite a keener interest in innovative plastic technologies for building and construction, making it possible to answer the above questions responsibly.

The trade fair will gather over 900 exhibitors displaying modern raw materials for this industry segment: high-performance composites, recyclable WPC, and many others, along with leading-edge energy-efficient production equipment. Over 140 thousand professional visitors are expected from over 150 regions and countries.

Nanjing KY Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. exemplifies the trend with its new differential speed co-rotating non-twin screw extruder. Two non-identical screws are used for plastic processing at different speeds, which capsizes the common beliefs for co-rotating screw extruders. The screws succeed at self-cleaning despite the difference in speed and size.

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Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment INC: new technology and equipment for steel reinforced corrugated pipe

For Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment INC., a newcomer to CHINAPLAS, will present its proprietary technology and equipment for steel reinforced corrugated pipe. The more advanced high-performance system betters the forming quality of pipes. Also, it offers cost reduction by 12-15%, production speed increase by 20%, and mold change time cut in half. The equipment produces 300...3000 mm SN8...SN16 pipes for underground drainage and sewage, agricultural irrigation, water collection, etc.

Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. will put on display its Krah pipe extrusion line for 300...4000 mm pipes of various stiffness. A double layer flat die and a double layer coating die (option) are used. The highly energy-efficient extruder has an imported servomotor and high-precision gearbox for reliable production. Advanced software provides for high automation and repeatability. Recombination of line components makes possible the production of square profiles and manholes.

Nextool Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase an automated packaging machine for window & door PVC profile. Automated packing prevents from human errors, reduces dependence on workload and cuts production costs significantly. Packaging appearance and product competitiveness are also enhanced thanks to heat shrink technology.

Zhangjiagang City Yili Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed Euro Style high-speed energy-efficient PE extrusion line of increased capacity. In addiction to rapid calibration, the line boasts improved cooling effect due to spiral mold design and a dedicated inner cooling system. The speed of material feeding is increased as well.

Other exhibits will include advanced plastics (pipe HDPE, PP, PVC, and recycled plastics), a new no-lead thermal stabilizer, an automatic spraying production line, automatic detection equipment, a continuous production line for aluminum composite panels, and many more. CHINAPLAS 2017 will take place in China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China on May 16...19, 2017.


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