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Maag set to display new product at Chinaplas 2017

新闻 06.04.2017

Maag, a Dover company and worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing and filtration systems, and pulverizers for demanding applications in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, will be displaying a number of its technologies  at Chinaplas 2017, which will be held from May 16-19 in Guangzhou, China.

The highlight of the show for Maag will come when the company unveils its new ZHULI Underwater Pelletizing System. The ZHULI system combines Maag's best existing pelletizer, waterbox bypass, process water and dryer technologies.
Other Maag products that will be on display at Chinaplas 2017 include:

  • 161005-pearlo-totale
    PEARLO® Underwater Pelletizer
    PEARLO® Underwater Pelletizer: Designed to process spherical pellets for raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineering plastics, wood and nature filler-filled polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, hot-melt adhesives and gum bases at capacities that can reach 36,000 kg (79,200 lbs.) an hour
  • CSC Series Screen Changers: Features a double-piston design that allows tailor-made adjustment of the filtration unit per the user's specific process requirements while allowing the use of five different filter-cavity shapes within the same screen-changer housing: circular, oval, arched, leaf-disc and candle
  • x6 class Gear Pump: Offers improved volumetric efficiency and pressure capabilities that allow it to be operated at reduced rpms, shear rates and temperatures, resulting in reduced residence time and energy consumption with improved production rates, polymer quality and pump life cycle
  • BAOLI S Strand Pelletizer: The BAOLI S builds on the standard-setting BAOLI pelletizer model with its innovative automated cutting chamber interlock system able to deliver increased performance, higher productivity and reliability, improved handling, greater flexibility and an optimized cost/benefit ratio in critical strand-pelletizing applications

"We are honored to have the opportunity to display Maag products at Chinaplas 2017. We feel that our products help to meet the show's goal of featuring the latest high-tech materials, smart-manufacturing systems and green solutions for China's plastics and rubber industries, especially with the unique line up of Maag products on display at this year's show," said Paul Merich, VP/GM of Maag Greater China.

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