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State-of-the-art extrusion equipment  for pipe and thermoforming sheet from battenfeld-cincinnati

State-of-the-art extrusion equipment for pipe and thermoforming sheet from battenfeld-cincinnati

新闻 04.04.2017

At Chinaplas,  battenfeld-cincinnati China will present extrusion equipment that helps save energy and material in pipe and thermoforming sheet production. In addition, the new control system BCtouch UX for industry 4.0 applications will be shown in China for the first time.

"Last year battenfeld-cincinnati China celebrated its 20th anniversary. We have grown from a supplier for the local Chinese market to a company with export rates of around 30% per year. In 2016, our order intake increased by 35% compared to 2015. For 2017, we have a good order backlog and the new year has also brought in several large new orders, particularly for PO pipe equipment", says Toni Bernards, CEO of battenfeld-cincinnati China.


solEX: powerful single screw extruders for large diameter PO pipe

At the Chinaplas booth, a solEX 60-40-C extruder for high-performance PO pipe production will be exhibited. As the producer stresses, solEX extruders offer 15-25% energy savings compared to conventional extruders. solEX extruders are also ideal for large diameter pipe extrusion thanks to their excellent melt homogeneity and low melt temperature. These help to reduce sagging, thus saving material, which is a large cost factor in pipe production. battenfeld-cincinnati has recently sold a pipe line for diameters up to 2.6 m to Korea and, last year, another 2.5 m line was sold to an Indian customer.

LeanEX: turnkey line for standard PO pipe extrusion


At the Chinaplas booth, a LeanEX C1-60-30 extruder will be shown. Since their introduction eight years ago, around 110 LeanEX extruders and 140 LeanEX turnkey pipe extrusion lines have been sold. There are four extruder sizes for outputs up to 540 kg/h (PP-R) and up to 720 kg/h (HDPE) and pipe diameter ranges from 63 to 630 mm.

"In 2015, we extended the LeanEX portfolio with 630 mm lines because our customers wanted to produce larger pipe sizes on the system. Customers like LeanEX lines because they offer high line speeds and outputs, are easy to handle, have a high degree of automation and long lifetimes thanks to quality components. With our compact touch screen control, an overview of all line parameters is possible at all times and ensures reliable production of high-quality pipes. Because of the LeanEX machines' success in the domestic market, we are now beginning to sell them to international markets as well," adds Toni Bernards.


First time in China: BCtouch UX control

At the K show 2016 in Germany, battenfeld-cincinnati introduced the new BCtouch UX control. Now it can be seen at Chinaplas for the first time on the solEX 60-40-C extruder and also as a mobile operator terminal. The new BCtouch UX has a large multi-touch display with a new visualization concept. The modern user interface offers simple and familiar operating concepts known from tablets or smart phones (i.e. multi-touch zoom as well as move and slide functions).
The advanced functions of the BCtouch UX control support efficient production planning and preventive maintenance intervals. In addition, the BCtouch UX fulfills the requirements for connectivity with servers and mobile appliances. Therefore, it is also perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 applications.

Thermoforming sheet extrusion for the booming food packaging market

High-quality food packaging offers protection, long shelf life and easier transportation for packaged goods. battenfeld-cincinnati also offers equipment for this demanding market. 

The combination of high-speed extruders and the innovative Multi-Touch roll stack is ideal for excellent product quality despite high line speeds. Due to their high outputs, one of these lines can replace several conventional lines, saving space, operating and maintenance costs.

High-speed extruders offer 15-25% energy savings compared to conventional systems as well as lower material consumption and increased production times. Multi-Touch roll stacks ensure perfectly flat, stress-free sheet and a high transparency, particularly for PP products.

PVC sheet for technical applications

For PVC sheet applications such as blister packaging, decorative sheet, bank/credit/customer cards, and protective covers, battenfeld-cincinnati's planetary roller extruders are the perfect choice. They offer excellent controllability of melt temperature in a self-cleaning system, as well as a narrow, controlled range of residence time. The extruders have a flexible design and can be adjusted to different formulas. Outputs of up to 4,000 kg/h are possible for PVC.


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