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实现了精确计量的自动料斗装置 / Automatically Hopper Device Enables to Accurately Dosing

实现了精确计量的自动料斗装置 / Automatically Hopper Device Enables to Accurately Dosing


将一套气动装置安装在称重计量式 混料机的一个料斗内,就可以准确地计 量回收再生塑料以及其他易于结块或“ 架桥”的物料组  分,这类物料通常会阻 碍流经料斗分配阀的物料流动。 美奎(Maguire)已经为其最大的 三种型号混料机系列引入了新型  “架桥 破碎器”, 这些混料机的最大产量为 5,000 公斤/小时(11,000 磅/小时), 并且能够混合多达 12 种物料成分。碎 桥器由  下列部件组成: 1) 一个料斗嵌 入件,将材料直接向下引导到分配阀上  方; 2) 一个在分配阀开启时自动运行 的旋转装置。该  装置在顺时针和逆时针 方向运动之间快速切换,从而提高了流 过分配阀的物料流量。

料斗嵌入件提供了一种将料斗斜壁 升级为垂直壁的方案,可以对当前已投 入运行的任何混料机进行改装。为了弥 补嵌入件占  用的料斗空间,完整的料斗 嵌入组件还包括一套容量扩展装置,以 容纳预定数量的物料。

三种大容量 Maguire® 混料机系 列,即1200、2400 和 3000 系列,可 混合多达十二种组分的物料,可实现范 围广泛的可拆卸  料斗和进料器配置,以 及采用各种类型的分配装置。混料机处 理各种类型的原材料,包括常规颗粒和 再生料、散装粉末、薄 片和特别容易架 桥的组分,比如木粉。与其他美奎称重  混料机一样,一旦所有组分都经过计量 加入了称重室,该批次的原料  就会落入 混合室。微处理器将对每一批次的参数 进行修正,包括对挤出速率或堆积密度 的变化进行补偿调整,能够将整体的  批 次精度保持在 +/- 0.1% 以内。


A pneumatically operated device that is deployed inside one of the hoppers in a gravimetric blender makes possible accurate  dosing of regrind, recycled plastics, and other ingredients that tend to agglomerate or “bridge,” obstructing flow through the  dispense valve of the hopper.

Maguire has introduced the new “bridge breaker” for its three largest blender series, those with   aximum throughput capacities of 5,000 kg/hr, (11,000 lb/hr)  and capability of blending up to twelve ingredients. The bridge  breaker consists  of: 1) a hopper insert that directs material straight down onto the dispensing valve; and 2) a rotary device that  operates automatically while the dispense valve is open. The device rapidly pulses between clockwise and counter-clockwise  movement, enhancing material flow through the dispense valve. The hopper insert, which provides a vertical alternative to the sloping wall of the  hopper, can be retrofitted in any blender currently in operation. To make up for the space  occupied by the insert, the complete hopper assembly includes an extension to accommodate the desired quantity of material.

The three large-capacity Maguire® blender families, the 1200, 2400, and 3000 Series, blend up to twelve ingredients, using a  ide range of removable hopper and feeder configurations and numerous dispensing devices. The blenders handle  raw  materials in a variety of forms, in -clud ing regular pellets and regrind, bulk powders, flake, and ingredients that are  especially bridge-prone, such as wood  flour. As with other Maguire weigh scale blenders, once all ingredients are dosed into the weigh  chamber, the batch falls into a mixing chamber. A microprocessormakes corrections from batch to batch, including  adjustments to compensate for variations in extrusion rate or bulk density, maintaining overall batch accuracy to within + / -  0.1%. 


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