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欧洲商业参议院的任命 / Appointment to the European Senate of Business

欧洲商业参议院的任命 / Appointment to the European Senate of Business


德国 MAAG 副总裁兼董事总经理 Alaaddin Aydin 被任命为欧洲经济委员 会成员。 Alaaddin Aydin 在欧洲商业参 议院代表  MAAG Germany GmbH 担任 参议员。该任命于 2021 年 6 月 12 日在 德国伯尔韦勒的圣安娜伯格酒厂举行的 参议院葡萄酒花  节期间进行。 Alaaddin Aydin 先生收到了德国商业委员会执行 委员会主席 Norbert Streveld 和执行委 员会基金会商业委员会主  席 Christoph Brüssel 博士的任命证书。 商业参议院 由来自商业、科学和社会各界的人士组 成,他们意识到自己对国家和社会  责 任。他们共同致力于在对生态/社会负责 任的市场经济背景下,切实履行可持续 发展的以共同利益为导向的目标。
为实现其目标,商业参议院正在与 政界和科学界的代表进行对话。商业活 动中的公平和伙伴关系以及企业家和高 管的社会能 力构成了参议院的工作。参 议院社区的道德原则和价值观是参议院 成员经济行为的基础和指导方针。


Alaaddin Aydin, VP MAAG Germany / Managing Director, was appointed to the Senate of Economy Europe. Alaaddin Aydin  represents MAAG Germany GmbH as Senator in the European Senate of Business. The appointment took place during the  Senate's Wine Blossom Festival on June 12, 2021 at the Sankt Annaberg Winery in Burrweiler, Germany.
Alaaddin Aydin received the appointment certificate from Norbert Streveld, Chairman of the Executive Board Senate of  Business Germany and Dr. Christoph Brüssel, Chairman of the Executive Board Foundation Senate of Business. The Senate of  usiness is made up of personalities from business, science and  society who are aware of their responsibility to the state and  society. Together, they contribute to the practical implementation of the common good-oriented goals of sustainability in the  ontext of an ecological / social responsible market economy. To achieve its goals the Senate of Business is in dialogue with  representatives from politics and science. Fairness and partnership in business life as well as the social competence of  entrepreneurs and executives shape the work of the Senate. The ethical principles and values of the Senate's community are  the basis and guideline for the economic actions of the members of the Senate.


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