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Extrusion 3-2023


Extrusion 3-2023

05. September - 08. September 2023
Plast, Milani, Italy
International 1-2016

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Bi-oriented PVC pipes are recognized for their considerable savings of raw materials while maintaining the same mechanical resistance and application in comparison to standard PVC-U pipes. The number of PVC-O pipe extrusion lines is increasing in several areas of the world, but especially in the Americas and Australia.

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SIKORA presents its new and pioneering models of the PURITY CONCEPT Systems. With that, the company offers an outlook on the varied potential of its systems for online and offline inspection and analysis of plastic material.


Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry News 08
An eventful and successful year 08
BASF to expand compounding capacities for engineering plastics in Europe 11
EREMA GmbH founds subsidiary in Russia 11
The WPC Conference - more international than ever 12
After the renovation 13
New Air Vent 14
KRAIBURG TPE Americas Announces Relocation and Expansion of Manufacturing Facility 15
DSM to boost capacity of Akulon XS for flexible packaging films 16
ChemChina to acquire KrausMaffei Group for € 925 million 16
Hot and colored 18
Bespoke dessert pack from RPC Superfos wins a worldstar 18
New USYS IPCe Data Acquisition, Processing and Display Systems 19
AMUT GROUP: The 360° Partner for plastics packaging 19
New success in Mexico 20
The DuPont-Dow Chemical Merger 21
Hecht Solutions finds the right measurement system 21
CRYSTALLCUT pelletizing systems in China 22
New brochure - series 7900 rotary joints from HAAG+ZEISSLER 22
Apex Launches High-End Sheet Operation with Davis-Standard Systems 23
Gabriel-Chemie expands its plastics business on the lberian Peninsula 23
New Assembly Plant ILLIG India Ceremoniously Opened 24
New General Manager for Extrusion and Coating dies 25
Mobile milling service for Multiplex extrusion heads 26
Planetary roller extruder 28
Bi-oriented PVC pipes are increasing 30
Coperion offers technology for long fiber compounds 32
Biocomposites from A to Z 34
Rapid launches Low Built Base granulators for sheet and film 37
Dryling and central material supply of the special kínd 38
High Productivity, Product Quality  and Operational Reliability 40
The opening of the new EREMA UpCentre 41
Online and offline analysis of Pellets and Flakes 42
Crisis does not deter  international suppliers to the Russian market 43

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